Reduce your emissions

Reducing your environmental impact can help your business by:

  • Lowering long-term costs by reducing reliance on expensive fossil fuels
  • Building reputation and gaining customers by showing commitment to sustainability
  • Gathering evidence for tender requirements and your own publicity

You know why you need to reduce emissions, but where do you even start? The advice on this page should help you on your way to your net zero, sustainable goal.


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Longer term actions

Longer term actions will need more initial investment but will permanently save you money. Actions like these include new windows and doors, installing renewable sources of energy, supporting your staff to make lower carbon commuting choices, and investing in electric vehicles. Check out the funding page to see what support is available for these long-term actions.

Actions you can take right now

There lots of actions you can take immediately that require little or no upfront cost and that you’ll immediately start seeing cost saving for.

Energy saving measures

Do an energy walk-around of your premises and swap old bulbs for LEDs; check that heating is on a timer and at the right temperature. Smart thermostats can control your heating and cooling easily. Add simple draft proofing measures around doors and windows. Switch off devices when not in use and remember to have your ventilation system checked and cleaned regularly.

Change your energy tariff

Switch to a green energy tariff to and buy your energy from a renewable energy provider.

Add a smart meter

A smart meter will help you monitor your energy usage.

Consider different types of waste

Solid and liquid waste costs you to dispose of, so thinking about how you can reduce both will save you money.

Get training

There is a growing number of courses available. Check out our Support and Training page to see what’s available.

Engage your staff and contractors

Talk to your staff, suppliers and contractors and let them know the changes you are making to encourage collaboration and co-operation.

Visit the UK Business Climate Hub

The UK Business Climate Hub provides a wealth of guidance, including 7 simple steps your business can take to reduce carbon. 

Get funding

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels will save money in the long-term, but often requires an upfront investment. There are lots of grants, schemes and loan programmes that can help you make this investment. Check out the Funding page to see what’s available.

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Calculate your starting point

To see your progress in reducing carbon you need to know how to calculate your carbon footprint. Identifying where your emissions are coming from; energy use, waste, travel etc. is a great place to start.  Take a look at these free carbon calculators. Once you’ve worked out your baseline you can start making plans to reduce emissions.

Take a look at your supply chain

Reducing your emissions through your supply chain is harder as you have less control but there are actions you can take, including:

  • Pick suppliers that measure and reduce their carbon
  • Buy or make products with less packaging, are more local to you, and use less energy, fuel, or water
  • Choose ethical banks and pension schemes

Find out more about building a greener supply chain on the UK Business Climate hub

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