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Groundlings Theatre in Portsea

Groundlings Theatre

The Groundlings Theatre Trust operates the Groundlings Theatre, a theatre and drama school in the historic Grade II* listed building built in 1784.

To reduce running costs and provide a more comfortable temperature for staff, performers and patrons, The Trust applied for a Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) grant provided by the European Regional Development Fund. This grant part-funded an upgrade to the buildings electrical wiring, installed energy saving LED lighting, and improved boiler controls allowing for zoned heating, ensuring only required rooms are heated. Other improvements include fitting thermostatic radiator valves in key areas, such as the office space, providing better comfort for staff and more efficient heating.

Quattro Foods

Quattro Foods are a local food manufacturer in Copnor. Being an energy-intensive business, Quattro were motivated to be more sustainable and reduce their energy costs.

Pairing their own funds with successful grant applications to LoCASE and Emphasis3, Quattro were able to provide upgrades to their extraction systems and chiller tanks that reduced their energy needs whilst increasing their manufacturing output. In one year these technologies have reduced electricity usage by 21,901 kWh, and 4,047 litres of diesel, saving approximately 15 tonnes of CO2.

Since seeing the benefits to their business, Quattro have continued their energy saving journey by fitting timers on their chillers to save more electricity, and strengthened their internal policies. This included partnering with Re-food to commit to no food waste going to landfill. Instead wastes are used to generate electricity. Quattro have also committed to reducing emissions associated with their staff coming to work, with a minimum of 80% now living locally. Quattro have also invested in Lean Manufacturing training for department heads. This ensured that staff were focused on energy reduction and understood the benefits of the initiatives they were introducing

As a result of these measures and commitments, Quattro Food was proud to accept an award from Greentech South for their commitment to Portsmouth’s net zero target, and recently won Sustainable Business of the Year and Overall Business of the Year in Portsmouth’s Business Excellence Awards.

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